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Let's break down pricing and payments

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Cost Info

Initial Deposit

starting at


credited towards full balance due 

*Deposits are required to begin review of documentation and are non-refundable after estimates have been started. Canceled jobs are stored as credit towards future services. For a full explanation of the terms of service, click here.

Fire & Demolition


of estimate total

*Deposits of $599 required.

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of estimate total


starting at

Smoke & Cleaning


of estimate total

*on estimates over $10,000.

Deposits of $399 required.

Water Damage


of estimate total

*Deposits of $499 required.

The same rate applies for
Hurricane & Tornado damage

Sewer & Drain damage 

Pack-Outs & Non-Salvageable Debris Removal


of estimate total

*on estimates over $10,000

Deposits of $149 required.

The Advantage Value
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Here's why...


Benefits of Advantage Estimators

Bottom line, you maximize your profits. 

Here's how...



Eliminate overhead costs. Save across the board on the additional costs of an in-house team - insurance policies, office space, PTO.  With Advantage, you only pay for services rendered. Simply cost-effective.

Optimize earnings on claims. Our certified experts know insurance claims and what adjustors look for.  It shows in our writing and your checks.

Reliable and user-friendly. We pride ourselves on our process - it's simple and seamless. More importantly, you can rely on our professionalism and quality service. 

Ready to get your time back?

Start sending your documents now. 

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